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post-settlement guidance


Plaintiff attorneys are experts when it comes to settling their clients’ claims. Unfortunately, too many law firms find themselves in a bind when their clients lose access to public benefits like Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Mass tort firms are particularly vulnerable to receiving a deluge of phone calls and emails from clients in danger of losing their benefits.

Claimant Advocacy Group provides a simple, scalable, cost-effective resource that allows law firms to focus on the case while their clients receive expert government benefits guidance.

Intake Specialist for Individual Cases and Large Volume Dockets

We understand the hard work involved in handling all the intricacies of a settling case. Law firms can lean on CAG as a virtual back office specialist to support them in case design, as intake specialist, and of course Government benefit support. CAG can provide efficient & professional client enrollment and ensure protection of vital benefits, so attorneys can focus on creating the best path forward for their clients. See services & fees »

post-settlement guidance

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