About the Claimant Advocacy Group

post-settlement guidance

Our Mission

To support personal injury attorneys, settlement professionals, and their clients by providing superior education and solutions that last beyond case resolution. CAG achieves this by empowering claimants to make informed decisions about how to preserve vital private and public governmental benefit programs to sustain their quality of life.

We Stand Behind Our Vision

To provide an injured individual who is part of a mass tort (civil action) or individual settlement, the ability to maintain their current public and private benefits during and after reaching settlement. We strive to work collaboratively with plaintiff attorneys, QSF administrators, lien resolution specialists, and settlement professionals to ensure their work lasts well beyond the settlement payout.

Why Choose CAG?

Government benefits preservation is our specialty—and our sole focus. CAG does not offer products or commission-based services. Partnering with CAG assures that claimants and their representatives are receiving unbiased support.

Our Team

Claimant Advocacy Group employs a team approach when it comes to client advocacy. All of our Government Benefit Specialists are trained to listen first, and treat each consultation individually. We have no scripts or canned responses because we understand each person’s situation is unique. We take the time to get the correct answer, researching a family’s unique circumstances to ensure accurate and up to date information—even if that means more work for CAG.

We have Spanish Speakers on site to ensure everyone understands their options.

post-settlement guidance

Contact the Claimant Advocacy Group

For more information about government benefit preservation, contact the Claimant Advocacy Group today at 1-800-683-4872 or via the brief form below.